Responding to your customer’s reviews online is very important for several reasons! If you are not currently responding to your customers’ reviews then you could be hurting your ranking and online presence. In this article, we discuss the two biggest reasons that you need to start responding to all of your customers’ reviews.

1. It Makes You Look Great!

Exceptional customer service is rare nowadays. You know that in order to be successful in your business, you must strive to provide the best customer service possible! Taking the time to respond to your customers who leave you reviews online shows others who are looking at your business that you care about customer service. It communicates that you care about your customers and are thankful for their business.

Pro Tip: Be sure to thank each customer by name and write a personal note. Do not just write the same thing for everyone.

2. It’s Important For Your Local Ranking

Do you see value in having your business rank at the top of the Google Map for every search related to you? Well, you should! A large majority of customers rely on Google Map rankings for finding local businesses near them. Responding to customer reviews is another important factor in helping your business to rank higher on the map. Remember, Google is trying to display the best businesses to the searcher. So, they figure if a business is taking the time to respond to all of their customer reviews, then they care about service, and most likely also do quality work. Responding to reviews helps you rank higher!

  • Be sure to mention keywords in your response

  • Make each response custom

  • Ask your customers for referrals in your reply

Pro Tip: Keywords, or search terms that people might put into Google to find your business, are critical to add into your response. This will help you rank for those types of searches on the Google Map.

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