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Do you own a local business? Are you looking to get your business ranking higher on the Google Map for certain searches? Well, posting regularly on your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is very important for your ranking! In fact, regularly posting and mentioning a certain product or service in the post caption can help you rank directly for that search (e.g. water heater installation posts can help you rank for those searches).

Why Posting Matters

Publishing regular posts on your Google Business Profile (as well as major social media platforms) is important because it signals to Google that you are a live, active business who cares about its online presence. Remember, Google wants to rank the best companies at the top of the map so that searchers who find those companies have a great experience with those companies when they call. One way Google tries to separate the “haves” from the “have-nots” is their online activity. In Google’s eyes, if you care enough about your business to take the time to post regularly, you probably also care about the quality of your service. That is why posting regularly matters so much to your ranking!

Pro Tip: The content, or words in your post caption, also matter. Google’s computer program reads these captions and they can help you show up for specific searches. It’s how I was able to get my business to rank so quickly for plumber marketing company in the video above.

How To Stay Consistent

The easiest way to post regularly on your Google Business Profile and social media is to create the content ahead of time. Remember, Google is looking for at least 3 posts per week. This is how my company has been so successful at helping our clients rank higher on the Google Map – we post twice per day for our clients! How you ask? We make all of the content at once and when we are running out, we make a new batch. Using tools such as Canva make creating content very simple and easy.

What You Should Post

Struggling with content ideas? Do not fret! The actual quality of the image really does not matter much for Google Map ranking purposes. The content of the caption matters most, so be sure to mention things in the caption that people might type into Google. For example:

“Have a leaky faucet in City? We are the faucet repair plumber City residents trust to handle their plumbing leaks. Call us today!”

Using the caption above, you might attach a picture of a leaky faucet. Notice that the caption mentions several search terms that people might type into Google: leaky faucet in City and faucet repair plumber City. This is the trick to ranking higher for those searches. Here is a quick checklist to keep in mind when creating content:

  • Use Canva to size your images to 1080px x 1080 px

  • Keep the caption simple and use potential search terms

  • Stock images are fine to use

Pro Tip: Naming your image files like this (faucet-plumber-city) before uploading them will help your ranking as Google can read the image file name.

Need Help Posting?

Regular social media posting is our bread and butter. In fact, we have developed systems that allow us to efficiently post 2x per day for our clients (7-days per week). If you would like to book a free consultation to find out how our services can help you, click the button below!

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