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New customer reviews are critical for many reasons. First, they help to display the quality of your product or service to new potential customers who find you online. Also, getting customer reviews is key to making your business rank higher on the Google Map for critical searches. Getting customer reviews, however, can be challenging. Even though your customers might be very satisfied, sometimes it’s hard to get them to leave a review. In this article, we will discuss the top 3 methods for getting customer reviews.

1. Ask When You Are In Person

The single best way to get new customer reviews is to ask your customer in person! It is always best to ask your customers for reviews when they are happy. Maybe you just fixed a leaking pipe in their basement that they were stressed over. When you show them that the job is done, they will be very happy that they no longer have that problem. If you did good work and were polite and courteous, they most likely will be more than willing to leave you a review. It is always best to explain why the review is important to you before asking. Maybe say something like this, “As you know the internet is very powerful these days and we get lots of business from people finding us online. Would you mind leaving us a review? It would really help.”

Pro Tip: Try to make leaving the review as simple as possible for your customers. If they say yes, be ready to text them a link to your Google profile, show them how to find you online, or provide some other simple way to leave you a review.

2. Send a Thank You Email or Text

Another great way to drive more reviews is to follow up with your customers at a later date with a text message or email. In this message, you want to be sure to thank your customers for their business and then provide some sort of link to leave their feedback. This link should direct to your Google Business Profile or other platforms where you are interested in driving reviews. Remember not to spam your customers! One simple Thank You email or text will suffice. There are many rules and laws against spamming customers, so be sure to consult an attorney before you implement any suggestions here. Need help setting this up? Contact us today!

3. Make Customer Service Follow Up Calls

Another full-proof system for driving new reviews is to conduct customer service follow-up calls with your customers a day or two after you performed service. The goal of this call would be to check in on the customer to make sure they were satisfied and to ask for any additional feedback. If they are happy, you could then ask them to leave you a review. This kills two birds with one stone. You are providing great customer service while increasing your review count.

  • Ask them if they were satisfied with your work

  • Inquire about any feedback they might have

  • Ask them to leave an online review

Pro Tip: When you have your customers on the phone, tell them you are emailing over a link for them to leave a review. You should even stay on the phone with them to make sure they received it and know how to open it and leave a review.

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